The Black and White homeownership gap has been stubborn since the 1960’s and is slightly wider today, despite the 1968 Fair Housing Act and decades of investment in affordable housing programs. Governments have favored rental housing for low-income Americans.

Lawndale Christian Development Corporation built two houses located on South Avers Avenue (shown above), as part of a homegrown plan to challenge more than 40 years of public policy orthodoxy. With $12.5 million already raised and backing from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the two model homes are a sneak preview of what local organizers think will transform North Lawndale and inner cities across the country. 

“Get involved with us, we’re trying to teach people to win.” Richard Townsell, Executive Director

We appreciate all of our supporters and if you haven’t taken the opportunity to join us in our fight to stop gentrification; we invite you to donate today. 

In Christ,

LCDC Staff

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