LCDC Co-op

LCDC Co-op specializes in the incubation and support of worker-owned cooperatives offering back-office support services such as governance training, technical support, tax preparation, and other services.
Our vision at LCDC Co-op is to harness the power of ordinary people, doing ordinary things, leading to the extraordinary transformation of individuals and communities. Through the expanded access and economic inclusivity cooperative structures offer, LCDC Co-op will formalize entrepreneurism in low-income communities as a path for individual growth and community stabilization and revitalization. Sign up today to learn more.
Our mission is to realize a network of multi-enterprise supporting cooperatives that harness the buying power and ingenuity of individuals to strengthen the economic base in low-income communities.

Our objectives include

Organizing North Lawndale residents to form a co-op
Demonstrating community buy-in through the collection of co-op ownership dues
Adopting co-op by-laws via group consensus
Creating four self-sustaining small businesses that employ North Lawndale residents
Implementing organizational practices and building capacity in financing and management for our model to scale

The North Lawndale cooperative will be open to anyone in the community ages 16 and older with an entrepreneurial spirit who is ready to work for themselves with their community. Small business ownership is a growing sector and offers owners independence to drill deep into their market to produce goods or supply services that may have been overlooked by larger entities. That specificity is the key to success. Being headquartered in the neighbors and maintaining the ability to react quickly to market needs will ensure the co-op is ahead of competitors in gaining and maintaining market share.