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What is the Lawndale Christian Development Corporation (LCDC)?

LCDC is a non-profit organization established in 1987 by the Lawndale Christian Community Church, dedicated to addressing social issues, eliminating disparities, and building community wealth in North Lawndale.

Who is the current Executive Director of LCDC?

Richard Townsell, whose leadership has been pivotal in guiding impactful community development, currently serves as the Executive Director of LCDC.

How does LCDC engage with the community?

Through organizing campaigns, partnerships, and initiatives, LCDC actively engages with the community to empower residents and address systemic issues.

How can I get involved with LCDC's initiatives?

Community members, stakeholders, and volunteers are welcomed to explore various involvement opportunities, including volunteering, attending events, or engaging in partnership discussions.

Is LCDC open to partnerships and collaborations?

LCDC actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with organizations, stakeholders, and community members aligned with our vision for community development.

How does LCDC support local entrepreneurs?

Through business development programs, cooperative business initiatives, and resource provision, LCDC supports local entrepreneurs in their ventures.

What volunteer roles are available at LCDC?

LCDC offers various volunteer roles, including community organizing, event support, and educational program assistance, based on our current needs and projects.

What is LCDC's mission?

LCDC aims to fulfill the call to justice in Micah 6:8 by collaborating with the community to eliminate health and wealth disparities, developing affordable mixed-use housing, creating homeownership opportunities, and building cooperative businesses.

What initiatives has LCDC undertaken for affordable housing?

LCDC has led several initiatives, including the Campaign for 1000 Homes in partnership with United Power for Action and Justice, securing government support for affordable housing in North Lawndale.

What is the significance of the Lawndale Databook?

Commissioned by LCDC in collaboration with UIC's Great Cities Institute, the Lawndale Databook provides an in-depth analysis of community trends, challenges, and investment recommendations in Chicago's Lawndale neighborhood.

How does LCDC contribute to community wealth building?

Through initiatives that offer affordable housing, homeownership opportunities, and cooperative business development, LCDC fosters economic health as a foundation for community well-being.

How can I stay informed about LCDC's activities and events?

Stay connected with LCDC via our website, newsletter, and social media for updates on our initiatives, events, and community engagement efforts.

Can individuals donate to LCDC, and how are donations used?

Individual contributions are welcomed and primarily utilized to fund LCDC's affordable housing projects, educational programs, and community development initiatives. Check out our donation page here.

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