Community Organizing

LCDC's community organizing empowers North Lawndale residents to enact change, fostering leadership to tackle local issues and strengthen community bonds.

"In unity, there is strength. Our mission in North Lawndale is not just to build homes but to build a community that stands together against adversity."
Shawn Teegan, Community Leader

Community Organizing Philosophy and Framework

Lawndale Christian Development Corporation (LCDC) has a long history of creative community development in North Lawndale. But over the years we have learned that we must do more than develop in bits and pieces. We have a deep and sincere commitment to building a black power base in North Lawndale and to dismantling systemic poverty and structural racism. We propose pragmatic solutions that turn comprehensive problems into actionable issues. LCDC will draw on the power of our community to fight the brutality of poverty and structural racism, promoting social, economic, and racial justice through community organizing that engages the people who are most impacted.

We have embarked upon community organizing campaigns that envision an economically sound North Lawndale; a North Lawndale revitalized to create a healthy living environment for its current residents while inviting newcomers without displacement. This vision can only be realized through building power from within, the power of existing institutions and residents, while recruiting external resources in support of our vision.

As key dues paying members of United Power for Action & Justice, the Cook County based affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (the nation’s largest and longest-standing network of local faith and community-based organizations), we have learned the tools of effective community organizing for power. Our campaigns reflect how this has played out over the past several years.

Three Notable Victories
Campaign For 1000 Homes:
Together, LCDC and United Power secured government support for the Campaign for 1000 Homes in North Lawndale.
City Partnership
The City committed to the first phase of 250 lots, and we garnered TIF funds for site prep worrk for the first 109 homes
Lawndale Databook
The new 60-page UIC report commissioned by LCDC reveals North Lawndale's investment trends and issues, proposing solutions for residents' quality of life and wealth-building opportunities.

Empowering North Lawndale: Major Community Milestones

LCDC has championed key victories in North Lawndale, from revitalizing the Ogden bus route to renaming Douglas Park to honor the Douglasses. Our commitment shone through in the collaborative Chicago Prize bid, earning $500,000 for community projects. The formation of the North Lawndale Home Owner Association (NLHOA) stands out, winning support from city leadership for significant initiatives like the Reclaiming Neighborhoods Campaign, which promises transformative housing developments.

Community-Led Initiatives: Building a Stronger North Lawndale

Under the umbrella of the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council (NLCCC) and the NLHOA, LCDC has been instrumental in driving grassroots change, reflecting the true spirit of our community. By developing the Quality of Life Plan and engaging in decisive actions, we're not just planning but actualizing a brighter future for North Lawndale. Our efforts have led to enhanced services at the Douglass Branch Library and more effective police presence, ensuring a safer, more vibrant community. The NLHOA embodies the strength of local ownership, advocating tirelessly for residents’ rights, and laying the groundwork for sustainable community prosperity.

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