We're Glad You're Here

We’re glad you’re here! At Lawndale Christian Development Corporation (LCDC), we are committed to improving the lives of North Lawndale residents by providing affordable housing, addressing economic challenges, promoting homeownership and facilitating community organizing.


City owned vacant lots in North Lawndale.

Live in Poverty

In 2015-2019, North Lawndale had 38.8 per cent of its households below the poverty rate, more than 4 times that of Lakeview (8.0 per cent) and double the rate of the city of Chicago (18.4 per cent).

Violent Crime Rate

North Lawndale’s per capita violent crime rate is 30.9 incidents (per 1000) which is 3 times the rate of the City of Chicago (10 per 1000).

High Housing Burden

North Lawndale households are “cost burdened,” and are at risk of having to forgo necessities like food, clothing, or medical care. From 2005 -2009 to 2015-2109, renter occupied households in North Lawndale experienced a high housing burden (paying 50 percent or more of their income on rent) increased by 12.6 percent.

Available Housing Units

3,000 housing units are unoccupied within the North Lawndale area.

First Annual Housing Fair

Concerns, Inquiries, & Questions

LCDC takes a holistic approach to community development because we believe that revitalization involves much more than real estate development.