LCDC Co-op

Our Co-op program bolsters economic growth through shared ownership, creating jobs and a community-driven economy for North Lawndale's prosperity.

"At LCDC Co-op, we're not just building businesses, we're nurturing local talent and fostering a spirit of collective success."
Brian Tyler, Economic Development Coordinator

our philosophy

LCDC Co-op is not just about business; it's about community transformation through collective entrepreneurship. We believe in the extraordinary potential of ordinary people working together. Our vision is to create a thriving ecosystem where cooperative structures provide a platform for economic inclusivity and individual growth, leading to the stabilization and revitalization of low-income communities.

Mission and Objectives:

Our mission is to establish a network of multi-enterprise supporting cooperatives that leverage the collective ingenuity and buying power of individuals to fortify the economic foundation of low-income areas. Our objectives are clear:

  • Organizing North Lawndale Residents: Mobilizing the community to form a cooperative.
  • Community Buy-In: Demonstrating commitment through co-op ownership dues.
  • Consensus on Governance: Adopting co-op by-laws through group consensus.
  • Building Sustainable Businesses: Creating four self-sustaining small businesses employing local residents.
  • Capacity Building: Implementing best practices in management and finance to scale our model.

Join the Movement:

The North Lawndale cooperative is a beacon of opportunity for anyone in the community, aged 16 and older, with an entrepreneurial spirit. We believe in the power of small business ownership to bring about significant change. Our focus is on niche markets, often overlooked by larger entities, providing our members with the independence and agility to meet specific community needs. This approach is key to our success, ensuring that we stay ahead in market responsiveness and share.

Three Notable Victories
Local Business Launch:
Initiated four resident-owned businesses within the co-op, providing vital community services and exemplifying sustainable entrepreneurship.
Community Membership Growth:
Enrolled over 100 residents as co-op members, showcasing strong community engagement and a shared sense of ownership.
Member Training Programs:
Delivered essential training in business management and financial literacy, equipping members with skills for effective business operation and co-op contribution.
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