Carlos Lucero

Carlos Lucero is a construction manager at Lawndale Christian Development Corporation (LCDC) and oversees projects that revitalize and develop affordable housing in North Lawndale. Carlos comes from humble beginning, he immigrated to the United States from Ecuador in 1988 at the young age of 25 to seek a better life for his family. Carlos started as a waiter and busboy at a local Mexican eatery, it was there that he discovered his passion for construction and working with his hands.

Carlos learned through hard work, dedication, and by hands on training within the fields of general construction and carpentry. He has been a leader in many well-established companies throughout the years. Carlos has a knack for carpentry and his work can be seen at his first job site in the states where he was hired to make over 40 Mexican food themed tables at Las Fuentes Restaurant located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. In 2019, LCDC saw the leadership skills and saw potential in Carlos that was needed to manage the construction of our affordable housing developments in the North Lawndale neighborhood. He is honored to serve the community in such a role and has sworn he will uphold the high standards that LCDC places on every building.